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About art (Swedish)
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"Love exists when nothing else exists and it only becomes clear when it is missing. Love laziness ... or love poverty .... it becomes special and lifted out of the flow of love and then it becomes clear that there is one lack. One way to recreate love is art, it is necessary in one culture, it is beauty, mystery and everything else that makes life rich and that the flow of love feels powerful. A culture without
love expressions fall apart as a phenomenon and can only be held together by an external enemy and it is not sustainable in the long run, but by art embodies all the deviant so the reverse law of love becomes, that it increases the more we express ourselves, prevailing."

Iris Johansson (excerpts from dialogue with Tobias Sjöberg)

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The experience of a work of art: Johan Thurfjell


May 21, 2022, Yttereneby
A conversation with the artist Johan Thurfjell


The experience of a work of art: Sketches of a world historical event


1 May, 2022, Lund Cathedral
A conversation between the artist Gertrud Sandqvist, Tobias Sjöberg, Lena Sjöstrand and Lo Hillarp

Johan Thurfjell
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Samtal i en utställning
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The experience of a work of art: Matthias Grünewald


April 9, 2022, Yttereneby

Lecture on a personal encounter with the 16th century artist Matthias Grünewald.


Helena Hildur is an artist, currently working with the Sound Tower, Gnesta

Helena Hildur
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The experience of a work of art: Hilma af Klint

March 20, 2022 Järna

Lecture on the encounter with a work of art by Hilma af Kint.

Ulf Wagner is an artist and works at the Hilma af Klints Verk Foundation.

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30 Januari, 2022, Järna 

A listening meeting.


Filip Wall is a harpist working with Anklang Norden:


Filip Wall
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Yellow - on golden yellow

18 September, 2021, Järna 

Dialogue on golden yellow

Beatrice Hallqvist is a specialist in general medicine with extensive experience in anthroposophical medicine. Her special interest is the connection between nature and man in its diversity

Beatrice Hallqvist
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Freedom and the color black

21 March 2021, Järna
A conversation about meditation 


Tobias Sjöberg (artist)

Tobias Sjöberg
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Red: The horizon - about purple


March 6, 2021, Stockholm (Odenplan)

A lecture on the red spectrum

Ylwa Breidenstein - active priest in the Christian community - movement for religious renewal

Ylwa Breidenstein
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Lena 2021-07-22.JPG

On green


April 3, 2022, Lund
A conversation and dialogue about the dynamics of the living 


Lena Sjöstrand is the Cathedral Chaplain and commissioner in Lund Cathedral

Lena Sjöstrand
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Om vit


27 Februari, 2022, Dahab, Egypten
Ett samtal om sanning och den vita färgen (online)


Iris Johansson - handledare, lärare och författare till bl.a böckerna En annorlunda barndom, Ett annorlunda liv och En annorlunda verklighet

Iris Johansson
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On Sawubona

18 Januari, 2022, Los Angeles

A conversation about Sawubona and seeing. In collaboration with Malmö Academy of the Arts (online).

Orland Bishop is a mystic and philosopher in phenomenology with great knowledge of African and Western esoteric traditions. He combines a deep dedication to human rights advocacy and cultural renewal with an extensive study of medicine, naturopathy, psychology and indigenous cosmologies. 

Orland Bishop
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Yellow - on circularity and wholness
June 5, 2021, (via Skype)
A conversation about circularity


Dennis Klocek works in Sacramento, USA as an artist, researcher, alchemist and biodynamicist. He is also the Co-founder of the Coros Institute where he teaches awareness studies.

Dennis Klocek
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Freedom and the color black

20 March 2021, Stockholm (Odenplan)
A conversation about freedom


Bjarne Edberg - active priest in the Christian community - movement for religious renewal

Bjarne Edberg
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Red: The horizon - about purple

February 27, 2021 (online)
A conversation about inside - about what is inside of us

Iris Johansson - supervisor, teacher and author of the books A Different Childhood, A Different Life and A Different Reality

Iris Johansson
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