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Orland Bishop, at KRST Unity Center of Afrikan Spiritual Science in Los Angeles


More radiant than the Sun,
Purer than the snow,

Finer than the ether

Is the Self

The Spirit in my heart.

This Self am I,

I am this Self.


We see surrounding objects only when they are shone upon by the sun. What makes them visible are the sun’s rays thrown back from them into the eye of the beholder. If there were no light, the objects would not be visible. But through this external light only the objects of the physical world become visible. A light `more radiant than the sun´ must illumine man if he is to see things and beings of a soul-spirit nature. This light comes from no outer sun. It proceeds from the fount of light that we kindle in ourselves when we seek within for our higher eternal Self. This higher Self is not of the same origin os our lower self. The latter perceives the everyday environment. But everything that lives in the this everyday environment has at some time come into being and will pass away. Hence our experience of it has only a transitory value. And from such perceptions and the thoughts about them our transitory self is built up. All the things which become visible by means of the sun were at one time not in existence and someday they will no longer be there. The sun, too, once came into being and will at some time pass away. But the soul exists for the very purpose of recognising the eternal in things. When someday the whole Earth will be no more, the souls who inhabited it will still exist. And what these souls have experienced on Earth will be borne by them somewhere else as a memory. 


If a person has sone me a kindness, the deed passes away. But what the deed has mated in mu soul, that remains.And the bond of love that has shut united me with him does not pass away. Whether we experience is always the source in us of something that endures. We ourselves thus draw the enduring out of things and carry it over into eternity. And who someday human beings are transplanted to a quite different scene of action, they will bring with them what be woven out of the memories of the old. For there is no seed that does not bear fruit. 


If we are united with somebody by love, then this love is seed, and we experience the fruit all though future. Thus there lives in us something which is interwoven with the Devine power that binds all things together into the eternal fabric of the universe. This `somethings our higher Self. And this is `more radiant than the sun´. The light of the sun illumines a person only from outside. His Soul-Sun illumines him from within. Hence it is more radiant than the sun.  

Esoteric Class, Munich 01-07-1909

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